Season 2016

Team FCKP I played a very good season in the Bunte Liga and managed to win the title of the 2nd league. Team FCKP II played a solid season and was saved from being relegated on the last matchday.

Friendly game wise we entered new dimensions. We could tie up our partnership with the team of the German party “Die Grünen” aka Grüne Tulpe and SG Deutscher Bundestag and play frequent friendly games against them. We went on tour again with our first trim early that year to Poznan (Poland) to play the very welcoming team of HKS Odlew Poznan. Sadly we lost away 1-3.

1-0 vs Odlew Poznan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QCDb9Kozsok
1-1 vs Odlew Poznan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7uHlY-wbegE

On 18th June we hosted the 1st edition of our “Threesome” tournament. A team from England (Harrisons Signs FC) and from Milan, Italy (Real Arese OFC) came to Berlin to play us in a mini-tournament. Read more…

In July we traveled to Galway, Ireland to participate in the 11th AEM (alternative European championships). Read more…

FC Kickers Pufendorfer I Season results

27/08/2016FCKP IvsPhoenix WartenbergBunte Liga - Day 50:0
27/08/2016FCKP IvsWartenberger BadboysBunte Liga - Day 51:0
27/08/2016FCKP IvsHalbe LungeBunte Liga - Day 51:0
27/08/2016FCKP IvsFCKP IIBunte Liga - Day 51:0
10/09/2016FCKP IvsMembers AthleticBunte Liga - Day 13:2
10/09/2016FCKP IvsVollpfostenBunte Liga - Day 10:1
10/09/2016FCKP IvsStehplatz ErmässigtBunte Liga - Day 10:0
10/09/2016FCKP IvsRentnerbobsBunte Liga - Day 10:2
01/10/2016FCKP IvsMembers AthleticBunte Liga - Day 22:1
01/10/2016FCKP IvsRentnerbobsBunte Liga - Day 21:2
01/10/2016FCKP IvsGlückauf Atopia e.V.Bunte Liga - Day 20:2
01/10/2016FCKP IvsWartenberger BadboysBunte Liga - Day 22:1
01/10/2016FCKP IvsLöwenburgBunte Liga - Day 21:0
01/10/2016FCKP IvsTeam 08/15Bunte Liga - Day 20:1
01/10/2016FCKP IvsEmma 09Bunte Liga - Day 23:0
22/10/2016FCKP IvsMuchas MaracasLeague Cup Qualy '160:0
22/10/2016FCKP IvsKoni BerlinLeague Cup Qualy '161:1
22/10/2016FCKP IvsRentnerbobsLeague Cup Qualy '162:1
22/10/2016FCKP IvsFC LümmelbandeLeague Cup Qualy '160:1
22/10/2016FCKP IvsPhönix WartenbergLeague Cup Qualy '160:0
22/10/2016FCKP IvsFCKP IILeague Cup Qualy '161:0
22/10/2016FCKP IvsAthletico BerlinLeague Cup Qualy '162:0
22/10/2016FCKP IvsMalmöerLeague Cup Qualy '163:0
29/10/2016FCKP IvsHalbe LungeLeague Cup Final '163:0
29/10/2016FCKP IvsMuchas MaracasLeague Cup Final '160:0
29/10/2016FCKP IvsEmma 09League Cup Final '160:0
29/10/2016FCKP IvsStehplatz ErmäßigtLeague Cup Final '160:1
29/10/2016FCKP IvsSK LazionLeague Cup Final '160:0
29/10/2016FCKP IvsPhönix WartenbergLeague Cup Final '162:0
29/10/2016FCKP IvsVollpfostenLeague Cup Final '163:0
29/10/2016FCKP IvsFC Lambajuun e.V.League Cup Final '160:0
05/11/2016FCKP IvsSK LazionSupercup 20160:3
05/11/2016FCKP IvsFC Lambajuun e.V.Supercup 20163:3
19/11/2016FCKP IvsBSC UnitedLeague Cup Qualy '173:0
19/11/2016FCKP IvsLöwenburgLeague Cup Qualy '171:0
19/11/2016FCKP IvsPhönix WartenbergLeague Cup Qualy '171:0
19/11/2016FCKP IvsSK LazionLeague Cup Qualy '170:0
19/11/2016FCKP IvsRoter SternLeague Cup Qualy '171:0
19/11/2016FCKP IvsWisdom UnitedLeague Cup Qualy '173:0

FC Kickers Pufendorfer II Season results

12/03/2016fckp-logoFCKP IIvsemma-logoEmma 09Bunte Liga - Day 11:1
12/03/2016fckp-logoFCKP IIvsFK BolzplatzBunte Liga - Day 10:0
12/03/2016fckp-logoFCKP IIvstraktor-logoTraktor BerlinBunte Liga - Day 11:0
12/03/2016fckp-logoFCKP IIvsfckp-logoFCKP IBunte Liga - Day 11:1
12/03/2016fckp-logoFCKP IIvshalbelunge-logoHalbe LungeBunte Liga - Day 10:2
12/03/2016fckp-logoFCKP IIvsteam0815-logoTeam 08/15Bunte Liga - Day 11:2
12/03/2016fckp-logoFCKP IIvsWisdom UnitedBunte Liga - Day 13:0
16/04/2016fckp-logoFCKP IIvsemma-logoEmma 09Bunte Liga - Day 23:0
16/04/2016fckp-logoFCKP IIvstraktor-logoTraktor BerlinBunte Liga - Day 20:0
16/04/2016fckp-logoFCKP IIvsphoenixPhoenix WartenbergBunte Liga - Day 20:1
16/04/2016fckp-logoFCKP IIvsmaracas-logoMuchas MaracasBunte Liga - Day 20:2
16/04/2016fckp-logoFCKP IIvsfckp-logoFCKP IBunte Liga - Day 22:1
16/04/2016fckp-logoFCKP IIvsFK BolzplatzBunte Liga - Day 22:3
16/04/2016fckp-logoFCKP IIvsvollpfosten-logoVollpfostenBunte Liga - Day 21:1
16/04/2016fckp-logoFCKP IIvsstehplatz-logoStehplatz ErmässigtBunte Liga - Day 21:0
21/05/2016fckp-logoFCKP IIvsglueckaufGlück Auf Utopia Berlin e.V.Bunte Liga - Day 32:2
21/05/2016fckp-logoFCKP IIvsmaracas-logoMuchas MaracasBunte Liga - Day 31:1
21/05/2016fckp-logoFCKP IIvsrentnerbobs-logoRentnerbobsBunte Liga - Day 31:2
21/05/2016fckp-logoFCKP IIvsdisko-logoDisko PartizaniBunte Liga - Day 31:0
21/05/2016fckp-logoFCKP IIvsfckp-logoFCKP IBunte Liga - Day 30:3
21/05/2016fckp-logoFCKP IIvsFK BolzplatzBunte Liga - Day 30:1
21/05/2016fckp-logoFCKP IIvshauptstadtkicker-logoHaupstadtkickerBunte Liga - Day 30:2
21/05/2016fckp-logoFCKP IIvsstehplatz-logoStehplatz ErmässigtBunte Liga - Day 31:1

Friendly game results

15/02/2016fckp-logoFCKPvsBSR BSG Ü1811-a-side0:3
21/02/2016fckp-logoFCKPvsBSR BSG Ü1811-a-side2:6
29/02/2016fckp-logoFCKPvstulpe-logoGrüne Tulpe11-a-side1:7
06/03/2016fckp-logoFCKPvsHKS Odléw Poznan11-a-side1:3
17/03/2016fckp-logoFCKPvsteams-logoKick Berlin7-a-side4:4
21/03/2016fckp-logoFCKPvsteams-logoSGD Bundestag11-a-side6:4
03/04/2016fckp-logoFCKPvsteams-logoHarter Kern 97 e.V.7-a-side9:5
11/04/2016fckp-logoFCKPvsteams-logoABC Zentrum e.V.7-a-side6:4
18/04/2016fckp-logoFCKPvsteams-logoBritish Embassy7-a-side11:5
25/04/2016fckp-logoFCKPvsteams-logoSGD Bundestag11-a-side3:1
27/04/2016fckp-logoFCKPvs teams-logoViktoria Mitte7-a-side4:5
09/05/2016fckp-logoFCKP vs tulpe-logoGrüne Tulpe11-a-side3:3
01/06/2016fckp-logoFCKPvsSV Buchholz7-a-side5:4
05/06/2016fckp-logoFCKPvsteams-logoHarter Kern 97 e.V.7-a-side3:5
18/06/2016fckp-logoFCKPvs teams-logoYork Lads FC (ENG)11-a-side0:1
18/06/2016fckp-logoFCKPvsteams-logoReal Orese AFC (ITA)11-a-side3:0
20/06/2016fckp-logoFCKPvsteams-logo1. FC Schöneberg11-a-side4:4
27/06/2016fckp-logoFCKPvs teams-logo1. FC Schöneberg11-a-side7:2
15/07/2016fckp-logoFCKPvsteams-logoFC Latvia Galway (IRL)11-a-side2:1
16/07/2016fckp-logoFCKPvsteams-logo5ème Etage Bern (CHE)11-a-side0:0
16/07/2016fckp-logoFCKPvsteams-logoGalway City FC (IRL)11-a-side1:2
16/07/2016fckp-logoFCKPvsbulibaeren-logoBuLi Bären Berlin (GER)11-a-side0:1
31/07/2016fckp-logoFCKPvsbritzer-logoBritzer Legends7-a-side1:11
22/08/2016fckp-logoFCKPvsESV Lok Potsdam7-a-side2:4
05/09/2016fckp-logoFCKPvstulpe-logoGrüne Tulpe11-a-side3:0
12/09/2016fckp-logoFCKPvsteams-logoSGD Bundestag11-a-side5:4
22/09/2016fckp-logoFCKPvsteams-logoKick Berlin7-a-side3:5
08/10/2016fckp-logoFCKPvsteams-logoNationalmannschaft der Autoren8-a-side6:1
09/10/2016fckp-logoFCKPvsteams-logoAtletico Berlin7-a-side4:2
23/10/2016fckp-logoFCKPvsmarzahn-logoFZK Marzahner Wölfe 088-a-side8:2
30/10/2016fckp-logoFCKPvsbrauereien-logoTSC Berlin11-a-side3:4
01/11/2016fckp-logoFCKPvsteams-logoHHI Kickers7-a-side12:5
21/11/2016fckp-logoFCKPvstulpe-logoGrüne Tulpe11-a-side5:1
28/11/2016fckp-logoFCKPvsteams-logoVFB Friedrichshain FZ7-a-side14:8