On Tour

In this section of our website we would like you to take you on a tour through our trips beyond the borders of Berlin. It is no secret that our team consists of players from all regions of the world, let it be Colombia, Ireland or Morocco. Most of us found a new job/home in Berlin and some of us did not travel so much yet but we offer from time to time some trips abroad to combine football and travelling on a different level. These events connect us, each player and his friends plus family to get closer to the philosophy of FCKP. 

April 2023 – Wien / Vienna Austria

We will go to Vienna  🙂

April 2018 – Toulouse (France)/Andorra

A small selection of players could make it in spring towards Toulouse in France to enjoy the vivid ancient city and the great hospitality of our opponent, the amateur Club San-Progres FC (http://psfctoulouse.footeo.com/). The long weekend included two days in TOulouse and two days exploring Carcassonne (the medievel city 70km south-west of Toulouse) and Andorra. See more in our video

September 2017 – Tartu (Estonia)

The series “Baltic Four Cup” played its 2nd edition after 2015 (Riga) this time in Tartu (Estonia). Another successful tournament we organized and co-organized by a local amateur team (FC TRT77) was played on 1st October. Four teams (FC Kickers Pufendorfer, FC TRT77 & FC Tammeka (both Tartu) and AFK Aliance (Riga)) played against each other for the cup win. We played a good tournament and could win against FC TRT77 (3-0) and FC Tammeka (3-1), but lost against the tough Latvians unlucky 0-1 ending 2nd placed over all. Read more in the report

July 2017 – Warsaw (Poland)

After Wroclaw and Poznan we made our way for a friendly match to the capital of Poland, Warsaw. The 7th league playing club Coco Jambo Warzawa invited us to play an 11-a-side friendly at their home venue in the east of Warsaw. The temperatures were boiling hot on this 1st July and in the first half we could keep up on their level and even till the 52nd minute when we even the score for the 1-1. At the end we lost 1-7 also because Tolga our hero of the day played in goal with a broken finger in the second half. Read the full report here

June 2017 – England & Ireland “Threesome 2nd edition” (Berlin)

It seems like it’s gonna be an annual event when we hosted one more time a Threesome tournament. This time with the “Frostoms Rovers” from England and the “Law Library Dublin” from Ireland. We rented a natural grass pitch and played 3 11-a-side matches on a very hot day. The first game against the Irish lads we could win 3-0, but the second game went towards the opponent with a 0-4 loss of us.

March 2017 – Bucharest (Romania)

Through contacts from Estonia we managed to establish a wire towards the team of C.S.F. Atheltico Floreasca from the Romanian capital. We quickly could set a date and flights were booked before the new year started in December. 16 players made it to Romania, including our injured player Jon (who took over the coaching) and Miguel. Of course girlfriends and wife’s also joined the trip and all together could celebrate Marian’s 31st birthday that weekend. Sadly on the pitch the celebrations did not continue as we lost 3-4 against Floreasca and 1-7 against FC Progresul (a 4th division league team). Both reports can be read here & here

August 2016 – Potsdam (Germany)

Naturally we still want to discover the horizon beyond Berlin but stay in the country and travel less. We came across the City of Potsdam and played a first 7-a-side friendly against the amateur team of ESV Lok Potsdam. An equal game which we lost 2-4 on this sunny and warm afternoon at the Havel river was soon to be revenged in May 2017 when we traveled there for the 2nd time and kick ass for a 6-1 away win! Earlier in 2017 we won another friendly 6-1 as well in Potsdam against Street Like United which plays in the same league as ESV Lok Potsdam.

July 2016 – Galway (Ireland)

We joined the AEM 2016 in Ireland, so far our longest traveled destination and also so far a huge amount of organizing it. We played a decent tournament gaining a win (2-1 vs FC Latvia Galway), a draw (0-0 vs 5éme Etage (Switzerland)) and a loss 1-2 (vs Galway City FC) from the group stage.  In the quarter final we lost 0-1 against the Bunte Liga selection and missed a penalty in the last minutes to our bad. Off the pitch we could enjoy the nature of Ireland, groups were formed and everyone discovered different parts of Ireland with family or just with the team mates. Read the full report here

May 2016 – England & Italy “Threesome” (Berlin)

Since we started 2008 in organizing Sunday afternoon pick-up football and started a facebook group with now over 1500 members (https://www.facebook.com/groups/futbol.berlin/) and organizing international friendlies we are well known in Europe and here and then teams from abroad who come to visit Berlin and don’t want to spend a weekend without football. The York Lads FC from England and Real Orese AFC from Milan, Italy contacted us to organize a small tournament and so we did. It was a pleasure to host these guys and they were really satisfied with the tournament we had set up. We lost 0-1 against the English team and won 3-0 against the team from Milan.

March 2016 – Poznan (Poland)

For the third time the lads of FCKP made its way towards Poland, to Poznan to be exactly. The 11-a-side amateur team from the Greater Poland Voivodeship welcomed us with a nice after the game food truck soup (outside temperatures were not that warm yet), a trophy and a bag full of gadgets. On the pitch they were also very generous and put us 3 goals into the goal, while we shot one for the 1-3 loss. Full report click here

October 2015 – Baltic Four Cup Riga (Latvia)

Loving the Baltics from personal experience and making lot of contacts while being there,it was about time to go there and play some football! Roughly 850km apart from Berlin, we surely took the opportunity to take the plane as a transport. Twelve players made it at the end, it was just not so easy as expected to organize. Through my contacts I knew players from Rumorio Calcio, an Tallinn (Estonia) based team built up as our team with many foreign players and Riga United. They pulled in a 4th team (FK Lielupe) and done was our own initiated Baltic Four Cup 2015 (which we plan to play every two years). It was a superb experience and excellent feedback from the opponent players and a different challenge to play teams from different countries. The first game against Riga United we lost 0-4, then 1-3 against Rumorio Calcio and the last game ended up in a furious win 6-2 over FK Lielupe. Besides the Cup we got to know the city of Riga and spent one day in Sigulda (30min drive from Riga) to enjoy the autumn weather.

March 2015 – Wroclaw (Poland)

A year later after our first game in Wroclaw we steered our cars one more time towards the polish city to take revenge for the loss on the first encounter. Sadly the opponent lads totally forgot about this game and never showed up so we fed up and used the time to enjoy nevertheless the trip with loads of beer, sightseeing and bubble football…which was hell of fun!

June 2014 – Naumburg (Leipzig)

In preparation for the next AEM in Naumburg (we did not participate in the end) we drove down 170km to the city of Naumburg were we got hosted by the Naumburger Kickers to play a mini-tournament on a sweet grass pitch. The first match against Mitteldeutscher BC was lost 1-3 but the second game we won 6-4 after penalties (2-2 after regular time).

March 2014 – Wroclaw (Poland)

After several national friendlies played in Berlin the thought of playing out of Berlin for the first time came to our minds. Through social media contacts we got in contact with Bianconieri Wroclaw, an 7-a-side amateur team from Poland. Really quickly they agreed and they organized a pitch in the heart of their city. We traveled 350km southeast, enjoyed the game (despite the fact that we lost 2-4) and the polish hospitality.

February 2014 – Coswig near Dresden (Germany)

Our first trip beyond the borders of Berlin was to the little town of Coswig near Dresden. An indoor tournament which invite we found online. It was a nice tournament with a good hospitality by the hosts, we stayed overnight in Dresden and went out for drinks and dancing. The day after we used to explore the city and had some Bratwurst and beer at the river.

August 2013 – Aalborg (Denmark)

Well to say it right away, it was not a team trip but 3 players of our team (James, Viet and Marian) were selected to play in the alternative European championship for the Bunte Liga selection.