With time and naturally our presence in the European countries, the team name and philosophy gained popularity on national and international ground. Playing already against teams from Switzerland, Ireland and Denmark while we participated still at the AEM, we spread our team name while arranging friendly games in Poland, Romania, Latvia or Estonia. Our Berlin based international “Threesome” tournaments gave us the extra opportunity to play teams from the UK, Ireland and Italy.

2016, Poznan

We were first mentioned in a news paper article back in March 2016, in the middle of the refugee problem in Europe. We, as an international bunch of players, were subject of the local media for a good integration example. Making it on the first page of the biggest news paper in Poznan below a weekend report of the big Lech Poznan football club made us proud. Surprisingly local TV media showed up as well and interviewed few of the players.

News paper report + photos

TV report + interviews


2017, Warsaw

In July we visited the Polish capital on an invitation from the 7th division team of Coco Jambo Warsawa. Like in Poznan the year before, two local photographers followed the match and reported afterwards the high quality shots for a report to the locals news papers and to us.


2017, Berlin

The local media caught our eye already in 2015, when we were approached by the local sports photographer Sebastian Wells during the AEM 2015 here in the city. We had a quick chat and by then he took only pictures for the news paper (without heavy writing), sadly they are not more only but you can find them on our facebook page in the photo section. Two years later, during Summer, Ben of the local amateur football magazine “bloodyhellmagazine” contacted us to write about our team. He paid us a visit during the 2nd edition of our organized “Threesome” tournament, when we hosted a team from the UK and Ireland. Later in September his colleague and fellow writer Dave wrote an article about our first match day in the VFF league.

Photos: 2nd Threesome Tournament

Report:   Kick Starting