History & Philosophy

FC Kickers Pufendorfer Berlin e.V. ★ 2008-2019 ★ Over A Decade of Football in Berlin

Our Story…


Founded by CouchSurfers ten years ago, the core values of the team have bee inclusion and fair play from the very beginning. We started organising regular meet-ups, where anyone could join and recruited new players from the team from these games. We have been meeting up since summer 2008 to have regular games of football at the “Boltzplatz” in the Pufendorfstraße, which is where the team name comes from.

Unfortunately, our beloved pitch at Pufendorfstraße had to be closed in 2015 for redevelopment…


Over the last decade we have become a large, united community, rich with diversity and with members from all over the world, including Berlin residents, newcomers to the city and travellers just passing by. We usually host games on Wednesdays (our training game at the “Metrohimmel” pitch) and on Saturdays (Free-for-all game at the Cantianstadion) and our games are open to anyone with a fair play spirit.

Since 2016, our Facebook group is the largest and fastest-growing football group for hobby footballers in Berlin with more than 1.800 members (2018) where everyone can organise and join public pick-up games for all skill levels.

For more information and to take part, join our Facebook group here…

…Special Events

In addition to the weekly games, we organise regular cup tournaments such as “The Winter Indoor Cup” (since 2012) and “The World Cup” (every summer since 2011). We also meet up for social events and gatherings (e.g. drinks, BBQs).

…Bunte Liga

At the beginning of 2013 the core players, who regularly played at Pufendorfstaße, formed the team FC Kickers Pufendorfer. Once the team members decided for a black and yellow home kit it was time to compete. We joined the Bunte Liga in Spring 2013, entering two teams captained by Marian (FCKP I) and James (FCKP II) due to our large squad size. We competed for 3 and a half seasons (2013-2017) against other hobby teams throughout Berlin, winning league and cup titles, and also competing internationally in two “AEMs” in Berlin and in Galway, Ireland.

…Black & Yellow

In Winter 2014-15 we decided the time was right to add an away strip to our classic yellow home strip, opting for an all black design with yellow trim.

…Registered Association

On 21st January 2017 we founded the club “FC Kickers Pufendorfer Berlin e.V.” and on 18th April 2017 we were officially entitled by the German law to carry the name.

…VFF – Amateur League

After deciding to leave the Bunte Liga in Spring 2017, we were looking for a new league. In the end we joined a competitive amateur league (7-a-side) organised by the VFF organisation for the 2017/2018 season. We are competing against 11 other amateur teams in “Kreisliga A St. 2”, including company teams and teams belonging to large football clubs all over Berlin, almost on a weekly basis with our home games are played at the Lobeck-Sportplatz.

With these goals accomplished we set about looking for a regular time-slot pitch based in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, the district where the team was founded. Although this wasn’t easy due to a high demand, we were eventually given permission to use one of Berlin’s most unique pitches (located on the roof of a wholesale store near to Ostbahnhof) once a week.


…Get In Touch

We hope to host some fun games against other hobby teams. ☛ Get in touch with us if you play for another hobby team and are interested!