FC Knülle 5 - 5 FC Kickers Pufendorfer

18 April 2015 - 11:00 at Lessing Sportplatz



Heading south-west of the city…

Héctors home game meant for most of us travelling a lot approaching from the eastern districts of our city. Surprisingly everyone was punctual….except Adonis who arrived a minute before we finished the game!

After some running warm up and stretching together we started on time at 11.00 o’clock this saturday morning to face FC Knülle, a team that plays in the first Bezirksliga. We got good into the game doing some nice pressure gaining the first chances. After a nice steep pass to the left side infront of the goal Kyle manage to score with a nice left shoft into the right lower corner to score the 1-0 lead.

After that both teams played a solid defense and attack role, but didn’t manage to score for about 25 minutes. 10 minutes before the first half ended FC Knülle increased the pressure and forced us to stay and work msotly in the defense and wait for counter attacks which we sadly (as always) gave away too easy. So a nice combo by the Knülle attack from the left side brought us the equalizer and few minutes later after a nice solo by #11 and a finish in the lower corner unreachable for Marian the 1-2. We attacked back and Ezequiel was on a single run towards the goal stopped by two defenders by a foul – penalty for us. Ezequiel was confident to strike his second official goal but sent the ball towards Schloßstrasse :D, simply he missed it. But we hit back just before the break as a low pass from the right wing into the goal area was finished by Amir with a shot behind his pivot foot through the legs of the goalie.

–  2-2 was the half time result  –

Right after kick off Marian sent a high an long shot from the left defense side towards Steffen who quickly took control of the ball on the right hand side and finished ice cold with a low smash. We took over more control but missed out chances over chances and had to fight against the attacks of the oppponent. Once more we could release from the pressure and run a nice counter attack resulting in another finish by Steffen for the 4-2 lead. We got tired and the pressure of FC Knülle got bigger resulting in two distances scores to equal the 4-4. #

Trying to come back once more we ran into counter attacks by FC Knülle forcing Bart to save the score and exhaust our defensive players. A nice combination landed once more into the net leaving us few minutes before the end behind by 4-5. But Pufendorfer never wanna lose so we played another counter attack resulting into a steep pass from Steffen towards Marian on the left side. Just before the goalie could catch it Marian reached his foot into it with a slight touch and the ball rolling in slow motion into the net. Kyle had a nice chance shortly after the 5-5 equalizer but it was cleared just on the goal line.

Squad: Bart, Marian, Daniel L., Amir, Steffen, Kyle, Matthias, Ezequiel L., Hector, Jon

Scorers: Kyle, Amir, Steffen 2x, Marian

Report: Marian