FC Kickers Pufendorfer 8 - 8 Marzahner Wölfe 08

21 June 2015 - 11:00 at Stadion Buschallee


Having been thrashed 6-2 last time out against Marzahner Wölfe, we went into this match with point to prove. This time, we hosted them at Stadion Buschallee and played 8-a-side on half of the 11-a-side pitch.

The game started really well for us when within seconds of kick-off, we ripped through their defence scoring the first goal of the game via a nice finish from Clement. Unfortunately, our joy didn’t last too long as we went 7-3 behind in the first half, with Steffen scoring our second goal and Clement scoring his second goal of the day. The result was down to their strong presence in the middle and fast attacks. Our 3-3-1 formation left too many players in the wide position and exposed our central players. There were quite a few bad moments from us, and we had to regroup at half time to resolve the problems.

For the second half, we decided to play two defenders in the centre and two central midfielders in a 2-4-1 formation. This worked really well and we were able to score 5 goals in a row without reply and take the lead, with goals from Amir, Hector, Steffen (directly from a corner kick!), Kyle (after closing down the keeper and forcing a clearance into the goal) and finally an own goal. We didn’t manage to hold on for victory though as they scored a late goal to make it 8-8.

In the end we are happy with the result after being 4 goals behind at half time. The whole team’s performance in the second half was great, and both teams played fairly and with a good spirit. One of their players was injured during the game, and we wish them a speedy recovery. The Marzahner Wölfe seemed to think the final score was 9-8 to them, but in reality, the final result doesn’t matter as we enjoyed playing against them as always and look forward to the next fixture.


Bart, Nick, James (C), Brian, Steffen, Kyle, Héctor, Amir, Clément, Alex MC, Ezequiel L, Adonis


Clément (2), Steffen (2), Amir, Héctor, Kyle


Report by James Topping