Kick Berlin 3 - 3 FC Kickers Pufendorfer

6 May 2015 - 19:00 at Siemenstadt



In the preface of the Bayern Munich humiliation against Barcelona, we faced Kick Berlin on a 7-a-side pitch in Siemensstadt.

We started very spontaneous in to the game and had some trouble with the game organisation. But still we created some chances. Also Kick Berlin played well and had some chances, but missed the goal. Out of a good attack, Héctor scored the first goal of the game. After the goal Kick Berlin created some counter play and equalised the score to 1:1. After 30 min Marian received a pass through the defence and after some dribbling he stood in front of the goalkeeper. 2:1 for FCKP. In this part of the game, we put some pressure on Kick Berlin, but missed to score a third goal.

After the half time Kick Berlin got stronger and controlled the game. They disturbed our players early, put pressure on our defence and forced us to some inaccurate passes. In this part of the game, they scored 2 goals. One goal after a nice zigzag combination, in which they outplayed our defence and for the next goal the forward just appeared in front of the goal. Bart had no chance to save the ball and the score was 3:2. In the last 10 minutes of the game we fought back our way in to the game and created some nice chances. But the ball didn’t want to find its way in to the net. After a corner kick, a defender of Kick Berlin got irritated by Kyles moving and shot the ball in the his own net to make it 3:3. After the goal we pressed very strong in the last minutes and created some good chances. But Kick Berlin defended well and the fair game ended with a deserved 3:3


Marian (C), Bart, Gianluca, Clément, Mazeo, Steffen, Kyle, Héctor, Toni, Ezequiel L, Ezequiel P, Ross, Stefan


Héctor, Marian


Report by Steffen