FC Milda (LAT) 3 - 3 FC Kickers Pufendorfer

22 February 2015 - 12:30 at Siemensstadt


One week after Valentine we organized a 7-a-side match (our 3rd) against the latvian team of FC Milda. We had perfect dry conditions and a good squad and support (Zahra baked cookies with our initials, thanks for that again, they motivated us alot!) to play on that day.

Squad: Marian (goal), Pablo – Nick – Gianluca – Brian (defense); Amir – Alejandro – Clement (midfield); Stefan – Ezequiel (striker)

Goals: 0-1 (’11), 1-1 (Amir, ’32), 1-2 (’67), 1-3 (’77), 2-3 (Amir, ’87), 3-3 (Amir, ’89)

Report: The very first 15 minutes belonged to the pressure of FC Milda pushing us down quiet often into our own end zone and allowing them good chances to score. Their lack of concentration and good saves by Marian kept us long a 0-0. Their second corner towards the long post got us a missmatch with Brian and their tall striker and resulted in a header with brought the first goal against us. Nevertheless we cheered up, worked minute by minute and worked out good chances by Clement, Stefan and Amir. The pressure of the latvians was gone and in the 32nd minute we scored our deserved 1-1 after a roll in double pass combination of Clement, Amir, Alejandro and Amir again. (see video). 

After that we took over the commando and Milda barely showed up near our goal. With a draw we finished the first 45minutes. The second half continued like the first half ende, dominance from our side with good pressure resulting in ball control by Milda which opened us plenty of chances, as usually unused to score goals. In the middle of the second half we lost somehow the concentration and ran into a counter attack which resulted in a 3vs1 situation and an easy score for the 2-1 by Milda. We tried to recover, maybe the hunger was not there or the air to breath was missing but ten minutes to the end we conceeded the 3-1 and almost lost faith in coming back as only 10 minutes were left. BUT, we managed and fighted with high pressure in the last 5 minutes and scored in the last 3 minutes the 3-2 and finally the 3-3 which was happy for us and probably a big loss for Milda.