Matchday PF I | 27th April | unlucky day…again!

30 April 2013


so here we played finally our first matchday on this grey saturday noon on the 7-a-side field in the 4th league. PF I started right away with a furious attacking strategy against the Honey Badgers and lead fast by 2-0. Followed by plenty of unused chances the pressure of the opponent got stronger. A mistake by our last defender made the way free for the striker for an one-on-one chance against our goalkeeper. Striker shot right, goalkeeper jumped left…the ball hit the post and jumped back infront of the goal where another striker needed not much skill to score against us…2-1! A minute before the time was up an opponents striker tried a shot from the groundline towards the goal, hit our defenders back and the ball jumped into the goal…unlucky! Anyway, against the strongest opponent we were pretty happy with the score.
The next game was against FC Kickers Pufendorf II, usually a chilled game but we wanted the victory. Again with several chances mostly flying high above the goalkeepers home we got a silly attack infront of the goal and James shot me (Marian) through the legs where from the ball bounced slowly with Sina’s help into the goal…0-1 🙁 We cheered up and close to the end we made a lucky header afeter a corner for the 1-1 draw. Facing the LeBowski now, everything was like before: lots of chances, right, left, above but just not into the goal. Then we had a nice played combination through the midfield and the right side where Yannic could score with a header after Amir assisted him. In the end one attack from the right side got us the 1-1 final score when the ball got in on a flat shot. Against Team 08/15 we got our 4th straight draw (0-0). Then we got defeated by the newcomers Rotor Kreuzberg, 0-1 again after an unlucky goal and only one shot on our goal! Afterwards we deserved us another draw (1-1) and this time we could speak a thanks to Marian who defused 3-4 good chances from the opponent. At the end we got finally our first victory, 1-0 against Kacke Beus. All in all we gained 4 draws too much, resulting only 7 points out of 18 possible…

An hour later we face Lambajuun/Muchas Maracas in a 11-a-side game of 2x40min. Most of our players played already in the 7-a-side games and had not many reserves to play full power this game. We could work out some chances with one hit at the crossbar but couldn’t score in the first half. In the second half everything was up side down comparing to the first half. Everyone was quiet exhausted, especially our defense had a lack of energy in the last 30min. Silly mistakes happened and we fast got 2 goals against us. After a corner a player of the opponent team played handball and Alex could master its task to score the 1-2. With the game end coming closer our defense became more swiss cheese alike. We substituted the goalkeeper into the defense to stabalize it, nevertheless we got another 2 goals against us so that we lost this game dissapointing by 1-4. Thanks Lambajuun/Muchas Maracas für das Spiel!Revanche kommt bestimmt.

Greets Marian

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FC Kickers Pufendorfer Berlin e.V. is an amateur football team with its base in Berlin, Germany.

Founded by CouchSurfers over ten years ago, the core values of the team have been inclusion and fair play from the very beginning. We started organising regular football meet-ups, where anyone could join and recruited new players for the team from these games.

We have been meeting up since summer 2008 to have regular games of football at the “Boltzplatz” in the Pufendorfstraße, which is also where the team name comes from.

On 21st January 2017 we founded the club “FC Kickers Pufendorfer Berlin e.V.” and on 18th April 2017 we were officially entitled by the German law to carry the name.

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