D-Day @ Spreefighter-Cup

4 May 2013

Today we played our first in the 6th edition of the Deutsche Bahn Spreefighter Cup, hosted by the ESV Lok Schöneweide.

Players: Marian, Matthias, Tim, Viet, James, Oscar, Gianluca, Adonis, Daniel, Julian, Johannes, Clement & Amir

Our Group:

DB-Schenker, Hönower Ballsportfreunde & Klosterfrau Team

Our first game was no game because the opponent didn’t show up so it resulted into a 1:0 victory. So our actual first game we played then against the Hönower Ballsportfreunde, where we got quick a goal against us resulting a position mistake on our left wing. The shot onto the goal was caught by the goalkeeper just behind the line but we cheered up and a striking attack brought us the 1-1 by Oscar on a quick low shot into the right corner. Some chances followed but at the end we ended up in a tie. The second game was a way better and actually no shot needed to be saved by our goalkeeper. Meanwhile we had 2-3 chances to score but in the end we also had to deal here with a draw. We moved as 2nd into the next round where we hit on “Kick Berlin” and “Bavaria Express”. Team “Kick Berlin” was not strong as we thought but had good chances to score (double post shot) and when one striker of them was running open towards our goal, our goalkeeper stoped him with a foul resulting a penalty. The penalty shot was executed by our goalkeeper so that we here again ended up with a 0-0 draw. Against the “Bavarian Express” we played a solid defense game like usually but missed our chances once again to pick a victory. It didn’t matter because they lost the first game so we moved into the next round of the 8 best teams of the tournament. The quarter final took us to the team of DB-Schenker one more time. We were the better team in the first 5 minutes but lost Julian after a tackle from behind so he had to sit out 2 minutes. We managed to survive those two minutes, but then after our substituions we got more open in the defense and the opponent was able to put pressure on our goal…but again we managed to gain atleast a draw which meant: PENALTIES! While Oscar could handle the pressure, Julian aimed a bit too high and shot the ball across the bar so that we lost sadly 2-3 on penalties…thanks for everyone who showed up on this sunny DRAW-DAY!!!


1-0 vs Klosterfrau Team (didn’t show up)

1-1 vs Hönower Ballsportfreunde (Oscar scored)

0-0 vs DB-Schenker

0-0 vs Kick Berlin (penalty saved by Marian)

0-0 vs Bavaria Express

0-0 vs DB-Schenker (2-3 loss after penalties)

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