Matchday Two

12 October 2013

Matchday2 Header

Team I

Lineup: Marian, Gianluca, Matthias, Kyle, Jesus, Guillermo, Ezequiel, Daniel, Oscar, Tim

Report: On this dull saturday we somehow managed to bring up really good games but also pretty bad games in the defense. The first game against Ente Cross was a warm-up resulting in a 0-0 with some good chances on both sides but both goalkeepers saved all balls of the strikers. In game two the warm-up phase ended and we won over Phönix Wartenberg 1-0 by a goal of Oscar. Game three was another encounter with our Team II and we started right away with big pressure and scored fast the 1-0. After Deen tried to play as a goalkeeper on the midfield he lost the ball and Oscar finished with a long lob to score the 2-0. Now Team II also began to play and got plenty chances but only in the very last minutes they manage to score the 1-2 by Alexis. After that we face the United Scorpions, pretty strong team but surprisingly we lead fast 2-0 by goals of Oscar and Ezequiel. We faded back and stood only in the defense when they managed to score two goals in the last two minutes against us. 2-2 the final result. Then the phase of struggling began, first a 0-2 loss against Traktor Berlin (with an own goal by Guillermo) and then a devastating 0-3 loss against Brotlose Kunst, which nailed us 2 goals in the first minute. But we cheered up and won the next game 3-1 against the Slickers by goals of Guillermo (header after a corner), Gianluca (20m distance shot) and an own goal by the opponent. In the last game we fast the focus in the defense again and lost 1-3 against Halbe Lunge. Marian scored here the only goal. All in all a we collected 14 points out of 27 possible and stay in the 3rd league. Thanks all!

Team II

Lineup: Deen, James, Nick, Adonis, Clement, Alejandro C., Luke, Cuong, Alexis

Report: The second matchday of the season was a cold and wet early autumn day but we were determined to continue our success from the first matchday.

We started off with a closely contested game against Traktor Berlin. Although we weren’t quite ready and organised at the beginning, we improved as the game went on, but neither side was able to capitalise on their chances and the score finished 0-0. We went into our second game feeling good and had a strong performance against Ente Cross, with Alex scoring the only goal of the game in what would be our only win of the day, 1-0.

We then squared up against FCKP I and were beaten 2-1. We had a bad start and went 2-0 down quite early on in the game. The first goal from FCKP I was a quick and unexpected shot from Oscar, which was a great finish into the top of the net, and the second was a lobbed finish by Oscar from far out after a mix-up between Adonis and our goalkeeper Deen led to Deen running a long way out from his goal to claim a ball and unfortunately giving it straight to Oscar, allowing him to shoot into an empty net. We managed to improve though and finished the game with a few chances and a nice goal from Alexis.

We then had two 1-1 draws against two good teams (United Scorpians and Phoenix Wartenburg, our goals coming from Luke and Alex) but unfortunately things got worse from then on as tiredness, injuries and hangovers got the better of us. We lost the last three games 1-0 against City Slickers, Brotlose Kunst and Halbe Lunge. Although we were disappointed to lose against City Slickers, the last two games were against strong teams.

Our final points tally meant we finished second to last in the 3rd league a face the threat of relegation into the 4th league. We await news from the league organisers as to whether we will have the chance to stay in the 3rd league.

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Founded by CouchSurfers over ten years ago, the core values of the team have been inclusion and fair play from the very beginning. We started organising regular football meet-ups, where anyone could join and recruited new players for the team from these games.

We have been meeting up since summer 2008 to have regular games of football at the “Boltzplatz” in the Pufendorfstraße, which is also where the team name comes from.

On 21st January 2017 we founded the club “FC Kickers Pufendorfer Berlin e.V.” and on 18th April 2017 we were officially entitled by the German law to carry the name.

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