FCKP 3-1 BFC Mixalot

25 May 2015



It’s carnival of cultures – not on the pitch but in the streets of Kreuzberg. Regardless, we hosted this 7-a-side friendly against the 9th placed BFC Mixalot of the Freizeit-Bezirksliga on a sunny Sunday noon with a bunch of players who either didn’t give a damn for the carnival drinking or just came right from drinking to the game.

11:08 – Kick off at Stadion Buschallee and the Pufendorfer team started to push towards the opponent’s goal with a smart 3-3 formation to use the width of the pitch and bring the ball in front of the goal resulting in plenty of close goal chances. Meanwhile the opponent, who travelled to Weißensee without any subs, laid back and waited for counter attacks which were pretty nicely played but either missed the goal, hit the crossbar (2x) or found their master in Marian’s saves.

With the first half coming close to the end, Nick took his heart (and the ball), made a run across the open midfield, couldn’t find any free player and scored the 1-0 with a nice 10m shot between the gap between the post and goalkeeper. Halftime.

In the second 45min, the tables turned. Mixalot came fresh out of the cabin and pressured towards our goal but failed to aim well. The pressure increased and after the ball was lost by Adonis on the left hand side while on an offense move, we were outnumbered 3 on 2 leaving the opponents striker open on the right hand edge of the box, where he scored easily with a low shot through Marian’s legs for the 1-1 (72nd minute).

Struggling to finish the big chances we had now on our counter attacks (4 on 1 situations or 1 on 1 as Ezequiel managed to steal the ball from a defender and ran towards the goalie but failed to score), Marian decided to play instead of Ezequiel in front. While Ezequiel managed to show two good saves, Daniel K, Nick, Alexander S and Marian increased the pressure and combined mostly in front of their goal. They finally managed to bring a pass to the middle, which Nick drove home into the opponents net for the 2-1 (82nd minute). BFC Mixalot were now tired and in the very last minute we manage to score the 3-1 after Marian gained possession of the ball and crossed it in low behind the defence from the left, where Alexander Sjödin waited and scored the final goal.


Marian (C), Jon, Nick, Alexander S, Adonis, Daniel K, Ezequiel L, Stefan

Guest Players



Nick (2), Alexander S


IMAG2609 IMAG2610 IMAG2611 IMAG2612 IMAG2613


Report by Marian András


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