FCKP I – Bunte Liga Indoor Cup

26 December 2015



For the last time of this year 8 lads from FCKP I made their way towards the Bunte Liga venue to face 6 teams at the indoor cup. Despite the fact that we couldn’t line up any experienced defensive players we decided to play the diamond-tactic on the 4+1 format.

The first game we started with a rush pushing the opponent of Disko Partizani towards their goal leading us to 2-3 very good chances by Philipp and Steffen in the very beginning. We had a good hold of the game by swapping players constantly during the match but a ball loss on the forwarding movement resulted into a counter attack and resulted in a well outplayed 0-1. We fought back but all chances brought no luck, first loss.

Not a good start into the tournament and now we had to face the strongest team in the tournament, the Hauptstadtkicker. Though it was a well even game, chances on both sides minute after minute but no one found eachothers back of the net, yet. Abdel was the tragic man of the match who appeared two times infront of the goalie but his shots were not to placed well and easy to catch for the goalie. The payback followed and we conceeded the 0-1 after a fine low strike after a corner from the second row, bad luck again.

With two (unlucky) losses in the back we furiously overran Inter Carayou, our next opponent. Steffen scored his two goals and was now tied in the scorers list with Hector. Philipp (header), Julian (header) and Adbel added their contribution with 3 more goals. 5-3 win for us.

The Newcomers are a mixed team of refugees and challenged us really good. They had dozen of chances which one Marian saved with his finger tips just on the line after a corner header. End result 0-0.

We needed to win the last two games if we still wanted to make it into the top 3 this day. We started tremendous with two early goals. The opposite team was a mixed youth team with great individual players and they overcame us twice with good combos but Steffen once more shifted up to the 6th gear to run twice a solo on the left wing and scored towards the long post for the 4-2 victory.

The last match was against our behated Koni Berlin. We can tell stories about that team and their unfairness but this afternoon they held back and we dominated their tails with the help of Steffens 5th goal and Philips 3rd of the day. 2-1 victory for us and overall the 3rd place!


Marian (C), Abdel, Edoardo, Philipp, Diego, Steffen, Julian, Toni


Steffen (5), Philipp (3), Abdel (2), Julian


Report by Marian


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