ABC Zentrum Cup. We’re back!

1 February 2016

FC Kickers Pufendorfers are back!

The month is January –  where the dark skies submerge the earth, and daylight is as scarce as hen’s teeth. Our team may as well have turned into a collective of couch potatoes – but the need for football, and our incredible FCKP organisers helped the most motivated team members to train indoor in Berlin despite the negative temperatures.

Match 1. FCKP vs ABC Zentrum

The tournament started for with an unfortunate loss for FCKP against ABC Zentrum – The Pufendorfer lengends had a moment of weakness in defence and conceived it’s first goal of the tournament – however we did not wake up on a Sunday morning to lose! Alex quickly scored the equilizer. Clement came close with mid range shot on the post and with a “burning knee” sliding attack, barely missing the right corner of the goal. ABC Zentrum took the lead once again after a misplaced pass to straight to the opponent’s feet. Final score of the first match: 2-1 for ABC Zentrum.

Match 2. FCKP vs United FC

It was time to wake up. Once again, the opponent took the lead thanks to smart play from the United FC side. Little did they know, our latino heroes Alex and Hector were about to destabilize the opponent with  two consecutive stylish goals by chipping the ball over the goalkeeper! FCKP is back, and back in style! Great attacking performance, second post hit by Clement, and the duo Alex-Hector added another three goals. James gets his first assist of the year. Final score: 5-1 for FCKP.

Match 3. FCKP vs SG 47 Bruchmühle

Despite a one-sided game in favor of FCKP, the decisive goal from Steffen only appeared towards the final stage of the game. Great attack and a pass across the goal from Alex for Steffen, who only has to tap it in. Match 3, score: 1-0 for FCKP.

Match 4. FCKP vs ABC Zentrum 2

Last match of the tournament, the team morale is good and Amir, who had recently arrived, shows agility and speed and sends the ball in the goal with surgical accuracy.

Special thanks to our fan Marian who supported us throughout the tournament, and taking a some pictures!

Award ceremony

FCKP earns the the second place of the tournament, which Hector takes home as his first trophy! Despite having scored no goals, our winger Clement is chosen as best player of the tournament! What an Honour.


Alex 3
Hector 3
Steffen 1
Amir 1


Alex 1
Hector 2
James 1



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FC Kickers Pufendorfer Berlin e.V. is an amateur football team with its base in Berlin, Germany.

Founded by CouchSurfers over ten years ago, the core values of the team have been inclusion and fair play from the very beginning. We started organising regular football meet-ups, where anyone could join and recruited new players for the team from these games.

We have been meeting up since summer 2008 to have regular games of football at the “Boltzplatz” in the Pufendorfstraße, which is also where the team name comes from.

On 21st January 2017 we founded the club “FC Kickers Pufendorfer Berlin e.V.” and on 18th April 2017 we were officially entitled by the German law to carry the name.

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