FCKP II – Bunte Liga ’16 – Matchday #1

3 April 2016


FCKP II got off to a solid start to the outdoor Bunte Liga in the first matchday. Drawn in the 2nd BuLi, we started with two draws, only managing to score one goal: an own goal by the opponent. We felt unlucky not to get more goals and our first win of the season since we dominated both games and had some good chances, especially when a pass across goal was met by Jon sliding in at the far post. Unfortunately he was stretching and could only manage to sit on the ball, by which point the goalkeeper and defenders got across to prevent a goal.

Our third game brought our first victory in a closer game, with Ross finishing a great counter attack after a great through ball from Jon.

The next game up was the one which all FCKP players were looking forward to the most: Der Klassiker against FCKP I. FCKP I had the better chances and even took the lead, but we equalized when Hector found Eze unmarked in a good position and he was able to finish easily. James also had a good chance with a shot heading for the top corned from short range, but it wasn’t strong enough to beat Marian, who was able to catch it. It ended a draw, a result which didn’t really help either team that much.

We tasted defeat in our next match against Halbe Lunge. They scored two good counter-attack goals with runs behind our defense. They had some fast players and were able to pick us off on the counter attack. The game was more notable however for their complaining at any chance and disputing every throw-in, goal-kick/corner and slight hint of a foul.

Against Team 0815 it was unfortunately the same story, with the opponent managing to score two good counter attacks with accurate, powerful finishes. We started pressuring their goal towards the second half of the match and Malachy pulled one back, but we never managed to find the leveller and the game ended in our second loss.

Our final game against Wisdom United promised to bring more luck, since they were bottom of the table with one point. They were really open and disorganized and we were able to exploit that well. Malachy scored a cool chipped finish over the keeper after a rebounded shot and Ross scored the second on the counter and slotted it in the bottom corner, which the keeper couldn’t stop despite getting a hand to it. A nice pass through pass from Malachy found Ross through on goal again and he was able to put it over the keeper and into the net. We had a few other good chances that we couldn’t convert, including shots from Ross and Hector and a powerful shot from long-range from James, which Eze almost get his head onto to direct it to the goal. It ended up going wide. James maintains that it was a cross.

All in all it was a good day and FCKP II finished 4th overall on the day, meaning they will stay in the 2nd BuLi and play again on April 16th. We showed some good passing play and attack.


vs.Emma09: 1-1 own goal

  1. FK Bolzplatz: 0-0
  2. Traktor: 1-0 Ross (Jon)
  3. FCKP I: 1-1 Eze (Hector)
  4. Halbe Lunge: 0-2
  5. Team 0815: 1-2 Malachy (Ross)
  6. Wisdom United: 3-0 Ross (Jon), Ross (Malachy) and Malachy (Ross)


Ross x3, Malachy x2, Ezequiel x1


Jon x2, Ross x2, Hector, Malachy


Tolga, James (c), Felipe, Brian, Adonis, Jon, Ross, Hector, Malachy, Ezequiel



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