League Cup Qualifiers ’17 – 2nd leg

2 April 2017

Before we publish our report of our team trip to Romania we would like to take a look back to past Saturday when the remaining players (who not flew to Bucharest) led by team captain James fought in the second leg of the Bunte Liga Cup Qualifiers ’17 for points to join the final stage on 10th of June.

Flashback: Back in mid November – when the outdoor season basically came to an end as the weather was grey and rainy – we headed for the last time of the year on a competitive match day playing 6 games on the first leg for the 2017 League Cup Qualifiers. Surprisingly we could bring out 16 of total 18 possible points that day being unbeaten and having a good outcome for the second leg.

Now we were here with a logistical challenge as the Bucharest trip was long planned and the head of the league gave us his OK that this weekend no competitive action will take place – but naturally plans are intend to change so it did now as well. Having 17 players in Romania on the team trip is one problem, getting the rest of the squad motivated to play on a Saturday morning is the other…some players worked till late, some start their shift during the day and some are just still in their overnight party coma…

James was in charge and could bring up 8 players to play 6 games in total that day. While the team in Bucharest just awoke from the last night party marathon (their first match of the trip was schedule for 16:30pm local time), James and his 7 sportsmen won already their first 3 matches of the day against BSC United (3-0), FC Löwenburg (3-1) and Phönix Wartenberg (1-0). Further on into the afternoon they managed to draw a 0-0 against the strong lads of SK Lazion and another one against Roter Stern. The last remaining match against Wisdom United we could win 1-0 and ended up collecting 14 points in total this day and 30 points overall from both legs.


vs BSC United 3-0 (Tobi, Toni; Adrian,Tobi; Mehdi,Toni)

vs FC Löwenburg 3-1 (Amir, Mehdi; Mehdi, Amir; Mehdi, Adrian)

vs Phönix Wartenberg 1-0 (Mehdi, Adrian)

vs SK Lazion 0-0

vs Roter Stern 0-0

vs Wisdom United 1-0 (Amir, Mehdi)


Matchday table

Place  Team Goals Points
1. FC Kickers Pufendorfer I 8 14
2. S.K. Lazion 5 10
3. Roter Stern Berlin e.V. 2 9
4. Phönix Wartenberg 4 8
5. Wisdom United 3 6
6. FC Löwenburg 16 7 5
7. BSC United 3 3


Overall Table

Place  Team Goals Points
1. FC Kickers Pufendorfer I 17 30
2. S.K. Lazion 10 19
3. FC Löwenburg 16 11 14
4. Phönix Wartenberg 8 14
5. Roter Stern Berlin e.V. 6 14
6. Wisdom United 6 13
7. BSC United 4 5


Written by: Marian András


  1. Amir - 20 July 2017 at 21:27

    I was the captain that day!


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