FCKP on Tour: The Romanian spring – Part II

21 May 2017

“At least a goal” could you hear in the changing room after the game. It was Sunday afternoon and we just lost our second game 1-7 against the team of FC Progresul, currently playing in the 4th league of Romania. Despite the lovely 40m direct free kick goal of Diego, the other highlight was a other person on the pitch. Official FIFA-Referee Alexandru Tudor was whistling the match and I was honored to receive a yellow card for a dive! Let’s have a small flashback…

After yesterday’s 3-4 defeat against C.S.F. Atheltico Floreasca and the marvellous after game bbq we headed back to the hostel and took a rest to get ready for the night out. Of course we had to eat something and after Dragos arrived from his Ski trip finally to the city, we had our man to know where to go. We ordered several taxis and headed to a traditional Romanian food place in the old town which was not just spacious, it also offered a wide selection of good cuisine. Naturally we ordered two dozen mugs of beer to kill the thirst. Those get together situations on the trip are usually used to exchange facts among each other, Why are you in Berlin? What do you work in? When did you join the team? etc…The team gets closer together and that is our philosophy of the team.

After the stomachs were filled for another time we were ready to walk through the streets of Bucharest, lead by Dragos we followed the advice to visit “Control Club”, a nightclub venue with a nice outdoor area. We had some beers over there and groups got separated as it was too crowded. So everyone of us spent the night out somewhere different, the stories you could hear the next morning from each of us. As the second game was scheduled for noon sharp, most of us who had a long night out struggled to wake up on a decent time to have breakfast and get ready. Though most of us made it to a self made breakfast announced by Mailis and Marta the day before. Groceries were bought early in the morning (oh yes, shops are open on Sundays here too!). Everyone supported the breakfast making and in the end all of us were well fed and ready for the game…

It took us 3-4 taxis again to get shuttled to the pitch again. It was cloudy and the forecast predicted rain for the kick off time. The pitch was not in a perfect condition, probably worse than yesterday with deeper holes. Nevermind, we warmed up and got ready, we were obviously the underdog and hoped we won’t be striked down by the 4th league team. The end of the story is known…we don’t know if a perfect pitch would have been changed the result but we can say would have not lost the ball so often while passing. After the game we shaked hands with the opponents and handed over a trophy for hosting us on this game. Soaked we left back to the hostel and most of the squad left the city the same evening while the rest enjoyed one more night out in a close by bar and enjoyed a tour with through the city on finally really good weather! All of us had a superb trip abroad, although we lost both games…we never get tired of travelling…next stop will be St. Gallen (Switzerland) for the AEM end of June.

Thanks for reading to all our fans!


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