Season Kickoff: 4-2 win over Billerbeck

27 January 2018

???? vs BORUSSIA BILLERBECK …………… ?-? (1-2)

Exactly 40 days after our last game back in 2017, we reactivated our sporting spirit and headed out into the light cold to play some football again. With the second leg of the season being only 3 weeks away, we managed to motivate 9 of our players to head out north towards Tegel to face the team of Borussia Billerbeck one more time. Back in 2017 we we were able to win both of our two encounters 9-7 and 5-4.

Lining up with our new player addition Anthony (recruited to fill the gap for Héctor, who returned to Spain, and Tobi, who is still in long-term recovery after sustaining a bad injury back in Autumn) and our guest player James II, we were ready to go.

We got off to a good start, as did our opponent, and both sides were eager to go for the quick goal. Borussia scored an easy goal after Marian’s goal kick was a bit too short and intercepted by one of their players, however we quickly answered with the 1-1 after a nice through-pass from Anthony to James II. We hit the post and Anthony missed the goal when a too short back pass to the goalie occurred. Instead, Borussia killed our first half with their 1-2 lead just before the half time tea.

Due to the late arrival of the opponent, the game was shortened to 2×30 minutes.

Anyway, we turned the game and were pretty lucky once in the 2nd half when the opponent striker did not manage to score an open goal against us! So we took the chance and combined – usually on counter attacks via the left wing – and Bart, in pure striker style, hammered a left low cross under the cross bar for the 2-2. Then another cross from the left (I think it was Bart’s) was deflected, went straight to the moon and back, landed on Jon’s head who then had no hard job to head it into the open goal as their goalie slipped on the light snow covered penalty box. The game was “gegessen” for the opponent and a minute was left to play when we drove (now from the right) a last low cross towards the goal. Nick did not hesitate and brought it into the goal through the goalies legs. 60 minutes were over and a good start to 2018 was set.

Marian, James, Nick ?, Adonis, Jon, Anthony, James II, Dragoş, Bart

James II (Anthony), Bart (James II), Jon (Bart), Nick (Anthony)

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Founded by CouchSurfers over ten years ago, the core values of the team have been inclusion and fair play from the very beginning. We started organising regular football meet-ups, where anyone could join and recruited new players for the team from these games.

We have been meeting up since summer 2008 to have regular games of football at the “Boltzplatz” in the Pufendorfstraße, which is also where the team name comes from.

On 21st January 2017 we founded the club “FC Kickers Pufendorfer Berlin e.V.” and on 18th April 2017 we were officially entitled by the German law to carry the name.

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